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  1. Hi Christina,

    I really like this lesson! It’s so practical because I never have the words when I go to a restaurant with clients. So I feel very much like a child when I try to explain the menu. This lesson will help me very much for my job! Thank you!

  2. Hello Christina. Another great video, as usual. I live in Paris, so many restaurants have menus in English (for tourists?) so it’s easier for me I think when I go to a restaurant with visitors. But sometimes the visitors have difficulties to understand the menu in English. I don’t know if the translation is bad, but sometimes I think it’s because, like you say, the plate is very different from American food. So they don’t know what the English description on the menu is describing.

    I like your examples of simple explanations. I think in French we try to complicate things sometimes when we speak English. I learned an acronym in a business formation last year : K.I.S.S. = Keep It Super Simple. This is good advices for English too!

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