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Understand Real American English

This course is for intermediate students who want to finally understand the fast, spoken English of real conversations. It  bridges the gap between clear, articulate English lessons and makes it easier to understand real, spoken English

Get the Job

English is indispensable for your career! Highlight your experience, your skills, and your value in up-to-date business English. In 12 lessons, you learn how to answer the essential questions you’ll hear in interviews and professional networking discussions.

30-Day Phrasal Verb Challenge

Tired of struggling to learn phrasal verbs in English? Take the 30-Day Phrasal Verb Challenge! You’ll master 30 phrasal verbs in 30 days, thanks to this fun & memorable learning system. A new, short activity arrives in your inbox each day, and takes just 5 minutes to complete. Are you ready for the challenge?

Successful Small Talk

Stop blocking & start having fluent everyday conversations! Finally, a solid, tested program to help you become fluent in everyday conversations, in less than 20 minutes a day. Enjoy lifetime access to 15 lessons of real, modern small talk.

Business English Mastery

Next enrollment dates: 01 September - 13 September 2022

The Coaching Program that Takes Your English & Your Career to the Next Level!

…even If you feel stuck, shy, and not confident today

Faster Fluency Conversation Club

“I don’t have anyone to practice English with” is the biggest obstacle to your fluency. The Faster Fluency Conversation Club is an online community that makes it easy to practice speaking English regularly.

Speak Business English Confidently

Speak English more correctly, feel more fluent, and increase your confidence in just 12 weeks with my private training and fluency development program. This program is designed for busy professionals who are tired of English hurting their confidence and their career. You’re ready to do something now, not later.