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What blocked you in your last interview?

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  1. Hi Christina! Thank you for this video. Very useful! I don’t have a job interview in English for a long time, but I think I had difficulties to describe my strentghs. I didn’t have vocabulary, so I had a boring answer like “I’m determined and motivated in my job!” Maybe you can give me some help to answer this question in the future 🙂 Thank you and I wait for the 2nd video soon!

    1. Hi Carole,

      Ah, yes, the classic job interview question “What are your strengths?” There will be an entire module dedicated to this question in the Get The Job course 😉

      But for immediate advice, it’s important to prepare for this question, especially since it’s so frequent. It’s good to have 1-3 strengths ready. But you don’t want to just list them. For each strength, you should also illustrate how you demonstrated the strength.

      For example:

      “I feel that I’m well-organized. I’ve spent a lot of time learning productivity techniques, and I have several tools I use to stay organized. For example, in my last job, I replaced a manager after she went on sick leave (congés maladie) because she felt burnt out from the stress of managing too many projects simultaneously. I took all of the projects and spent a few days just organizing and planning how to manage everything. As a result, all of the projects were successful. Being well-organized meant that I could stay focused and on target, even if there were a lot of projects to manage.”

      So you’ve given the strength AND an example to justify it. Hope that helps!

  2. Thank you for this video Christina, and for all your videos every week. I follow them and like them a lot (I don’t always have time to watch every video, but I try). To answer your question, I didn’t know what to say when the recruiter asked “What can you bring to the company that other candidates can’t.” I don’t know the other candidates, so it’s difficult to answer this question! I don’t remember what I said exactly, but I think I described my experience working with American people and my experience living in the USA for 1 year. But I don’t know if this is a good answer because maybe other candidates have the same experience. What can you say in this situation, please?

    1. Hi Pierre, thanks for your comment, and don’t worry if you don’t have time to watch each video! I know you’re busy 🙂 But of course, you can always find them all on the blog when you do have time.

      To answer your question, I agree, it’s difficult to say what you have that other candidates don’t have if you don’t know the other candidates. For this question, I suggest taking some time to prepare in advance. Think about something unique about you, that NO ONE else has. This can be experience on a specific project, it can be a unique quality or an exceptional skill, it can be your network (if this is important for the new job). You’ll need to think about something that is truly unique.

      Your answer about your experience in the USA is a good start. You could make it better by describing something you learned during that experience and how it will help you in the new job. You could talk about a project you worked on there and how this experience puts you in a good position to succeed in the new job. Talk about the experience and then make it personal, and unique.

      For example:

      “I think that my experience living in the USA gives me a unique perspective on how to work with Americans. While I was there, I often had to negotiate contracts. It’s a different language, and a different culture. I had to learn how to adapt and I did. I negotiated 3 successful contracts during my stay there. So I think that this skill, negotiating with Americans is something that I’m good at, and that I can bring to this job.”

      Good luck with your next interview!

  3. I enjoy English lessons more than French . Without English I lose interest fast . I feel like there is a big cloud in my head and I hope you can understand me . Thank you for your concern and please keep in touch .

    1. Hi Mollie! I’m glad to see you here! Yes, the lessons in the course are all in English. These free bonus lessons are in French (except for the examples, of course!) but I hope that you’re still enjoying them for the advice and the ideas! I really appreciate you being here every week for the lessons! You’re a great example of someone who is dedicated to their English! Have a great day Mollie and see you very soon!

  4. Hello, Thanks a lot for your viadeo, it se great!!!

    I am going to start to apply. My strategy is to send my cv to a recruitement agency before. Do you know what is the questions? Is That different?

    Do i have to explain my situation, i mean my visa, my Kids…

    Thanks for your reply


    1. Hi Celine and I’m glad you like the video! Congratulations on having the motivation and a strategy to get a new job. It’s a good idea to send your CV to a recruitment agency, because they can have lots of contacts.

      For the questions, yes, they will probably ask typical interview questions, but also other questions specific for agencies.

      Be prepared to talk about the type of job you want (full time, part time, permanent, temporary, etc).

      Also, be prepared to talk about exactly what you’re looking for in your future job. This way, the agency can best find companies that correspond.

      And finally, think about your priorities. Is it more important to have a company near your home? Do you prefer a big or small company? What salary range do you want? All of these things will help the agent better understand what you want in a job. This way, they can help you more easily and more efficiently.

      You’ll probably have to explain for your visa. What’s your situation? Are you a French person in the US (or other country)? You can simply reassure them that you have a valid work permit, if that’s the case.

      And if you’re in the US, you don’t need to mention your kids if you don’t want to. The recruiter shouldn’t ask the question (because this can be considered a factor of discrimination). But if you want to introduce the subject, you can. Maybe it’s important to be able to finish work at a certain time to take care of your kids. You can say this. But if your kids are not important in your everyday work logistics, you don’t need to mention them.

      I hope that helps, and good luck with the agency!

  5. Hi Christina,

    3 years ago, I had a French phone interview with HR recruiter, include an English test .. and I could’nt said something about me !!!

    Mauvais souvenir qui ne fut pas un happy end !

    1. Hi Catherine! Ah, yes, on the phone, it’s even more difficult. Sorry that it’s a bad memory, but I suppose it’s also a learning experience! Now, are you confident with talking about yourself in English in a job interview? Next time will be better, I’m sure!

  6. Hi Christina

    Thanks again for this video. I see that you get more and more confident as your French becomes more fluent !

    Actually I have a new interview next Thursday for an American company and I have to get prepared. I will read again my notes from the time I did the coaching’ sessions with you. If you have any time I would be happy to discuss with you abaout it again.


    1. Hi Catherine! Yes, I still don’t like listening to myself when I speak French (I’m like everyone else! Not always easy to listen to yourself speak a different language 🙂 That’s great that you have an interview next Thursday! Good for you! And sure, we can talk about it next week. I’ll send you a message and we can plan something! Great!!

  7. Hi Christina, Thanks for this video ! I am currently looking for a job (in France) and I desperately want to get prepared for the almost mandatory part when the interview switch in english. I’m looking for a job in Marketing and Communication, english is always a necessary skill. I’v already worked in english in my previous experiences, but I haven’t been practising for a long time, and I’m afraid I lack some specific vocabulary, to speak about myself (my strenghts, weaknesses, goals and achievements…), and also I would need to learn more “technical” words and expressions to show my abitlity to work for the position I’m applying. I definitely have to work with you and by myself) to gain some self confidence and feel at ease during the interview… and after, in the company (if hired 🙂 )

    1. Hi Katia, Thanks so much for your comment! It’s good that you know exactly what you need to work on and how to work on it! I’ll be more than happy to help you develop your answers to all those questions, and the course will also be a big help to you, because it has modules on all of those questions: strengths, weaknesses, talking about goals & achievements, etc. And then if you want some personalized help for the technical vocabulary, we can work together on that! Registration for the course opens tomorrow and there’s even an option to have a personal coaching session with me (that’s the special limited offer!)

      But also, be sure to watch all 3 of the free lessons before the course, because you’ll find lots of very useful ideas and suggestions in the 3 videos. Together, we’ll reach your goal, I’m sure!

  8. I really like your teaching-style. It’s fun, easy to understand and useful.

    My last interview in english was 15 years ago. Since that, I didn’t have the chance to practice much my english. That’s why I know I will need all the useful tips you give.

    I will prepare for my interview with answers to the more frequently asked questions, but is it a good strategy to be honest with the interviewer by telling him that I didn’t practice much my english over the last years but it will improve with practice and I’m willing to take courses?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Christine, thanks so much! Hah, 15 years ago is not exactly yesterday, but that’s good. It means that you’ve had a stable job, which is rare today…

      I’m happy that I can help you practice your English! I’m so happy to have the opportunity.

      And to answer your question, yes, it’s a good strategy to be honest. It’s always good to be honest in a job interview. If you can put a positive perspective to your answer, you can be honest AND successful.

      Here’s an article from Cadremploi that I contributed to, on that exact subject 😉

  9. Hi Christina,

    Many thanks for your video ! I appreciate it so much.

    In my last interview in english, my difficulty was when I didn’t understand the question…I didn’t say : could you repeat please or could you speak more slowly or I didn’t catch it….so I wasn’t really good and the employer didn’t call me after 🙁

    Could you please me good advise?

    Have a nice day


    1. Hi Delphine, Thanks for your comment.

      I’m glad that you learned from your last experience and that now, you want to improve! Mistakes are the best teachers!

      To answer your question, the first thing you can do is ask when you don’t understand. The phrases you wrote are perfect. Don’t be afraid to use them.

      Another technique is to reformulate what you imagine you understood. Maybe you understood correctly, maybe not. But reformulating lets you check to be sure. You can start by saying “Just to be clear, are you asking…” and then reformulate.

      And you can use a mix of these techniques, so that you’re not repeating the same thing each time.

      I hope that helps!

  10. Hi Christina !

    First of all, thank you for your lesson. It’s a good way to practice English and take self-confidence. I didn’t had the occasion to speak English in a job interview but in each time the recruter ask me my level and I know it’s important in my job (I’m R&D Engineer in Chemistry !!). It’s why, with this lesson and all your video I hope so improve my english to speak easier.

    So, do you have and idea to increase my vocabulary and don’t put much time to find my words during a job interview ? (also with customer meeting =)).

    Have a good day.


    1. Hi Nicolas,

      Thanks so much for your comment, and you’re right. English is so important for many good jobs today. To increase your vocabulary, I recommend the app/site Quizlet, because you can create flashcards, and then revise them on your smartphone. You should concentrate on learning the key words that you’ll need in a job interview or meeting with clients, and as you learn them, try to integrate them into your spoken vocabulary (even if you’re only talking to yourself to begin, since you don’t have any opportunities at work to speak English). And then you can find a language partner to practice. The site iTalki is good for that!

      I hope that helps, and let me know if you have other questions!

  11. Hi Christina, Thank you so much for this interesting video.

    Actually I’m an Engineer and I’m looking for a new job as a Project Manager, as you know the English is required in this position.

    In my last job interview, we discuss in French so it was good but at the last of the interview the recruiter ask me in English: How you imagine you after 4 years? What are your hobbies? And what can you bring to the company that other candidates can’t?

    So I was destabilized, and I gave short answers, so I know I could not convince the recruiter :(.

    So could you help me and give me good advice?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Amal,

      Thanks so much for your comment. It’s nice to know a little about you and your job. While I’m sorry to hear that your last interview in English destabilized you, it’s good that you learned from the experience, and you know what kinds of questions to prepare for the next interview.

      The good news is that in the Get The Job course, there are specific modules for all of those questions! The lessons teach you how to structure your answers so they’re not too short (but not too long either). Plus you get the vocabulary necessary to show the recruiter your English level is sufficient.

      Be sure to watch the 2nd bonus lesson, which is all about how to structure your answer and include enough information.

      You can also come to a special live event I’m hosting on Thursday Dec. 8 at 7:30PM (19H30), all about how to succeed in your job interview!

      Here’s the link to register for the event (it’s free):

      I hope to see you there!

  12. Hi Christina, thank you very much for what you’re doing

    Actually I’m working as an accounting manager in the country where French language is used currently, contrarely the English language is, I can say, inexistent. But for me, learn and speach this language is important because I shall settle in Canada on February or March next year. I know when in this country, I must understand and speech English fluently especially during the job interview.

    For this, I would like to provide me somme informations (internet sites, forums, etc) to improve my English in order to facilitate enormously my arrival and integration in this new society.

    Excuse-me for my basic English.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Meziane,

      Thanks so much for your message. Congratulations on your project to move to Canada. It sounds exciting!

      The first advice I can give you is to continue with the next Get The Job bonus lessons. They will help you start preparing for your interview. It’s better to prepare in advance, and not wait until the last minute. This way, you feel more comfortable and confident.

      This site has some good resources about learning English before you move to Canada. I’m sure it will help you!

      I look forward to seeing you in Bonus Lesson #2!

  13. Hi Christina,

    Thank you for your lesson.

    I am an accountant in unemployment. I will pass my first job interview totally in English in January 2017. I want to work in General Electric in Belfort because it is a famous company. I wish to prepare this job interview with you.

    I wait your second lesson please.

    Have a good evening.


    1. Hi Maurice, and thanks for your comment! I’ve heard that Belfort is a nice place, but I’ve never been there (not yet, anyway!)

      A job with General Electric would be a great opportunity, and a good way to start 2017–with a new job!

      Did you get the 2nd lesson? What did you think of it?

      Thanks and see you in the course, I hope!

  14. Hello Christina, the first one, I want to say thanks a lot for this vedio, I like it so much, and as a matter of the fact, I don’t had any chance befor for get a job, but I have a problem, it is, I understand English, and I can write English, but I can’t speak it very good in front of the people, that is why I need your advice please, because I think that is very important if I will have get a job in the future, finally, I say to you goodbye, and thanks a lot again.

    1. Hi Asmaa,

      I’m glad that you like the video. And it’s great that it can help you to feel more confident when you have to speak English. To help you even more, my advice is to practice speaking! It’s as simple as that.

      Now, how do you find someone to practice?

      In the Get The Job course, you have access to a private Facebook group, so perhaps you can find a practice partner!

      Or you can ask a friend to practice speaking with you (even if it’s not a native speaker)

      Or you can talk to yourself, which is better than nothing 🙂

  15. Hi Christina,

    you’re fabulous. I really love your videos and the way you have to show the best practices and advices. Well, i’ve a recruitment meeting tomorrow with a person who lived in Boston, and I have to say that i’m a little nervous. Do you have any tricks to release the pressure when you’re in meeting situation and you’re beginning to give bad answers or feeling unconfortable ?

    1. Hi Emmanuel, Thanks so much for the compliments! I’m glad it’s useful for you!

      How did your meeting go with the person from Boston?

      As for your question, here’s my advice: If you start giving an answer and realize that you’re saying the wrong things or feeling uncomfortable, you can do several things:

      1) Clarify with the recruiter that you’re indeed NOT giving them the answer they want. You can say “Am I answering your question, or did I misunderstand something?” This gives them the chance to clarify or ask the question again, and you have a chance to start again.

      2) Admit that you’re not “performing” as well as you’d like. Say something like “Maybe I’m not very clear, let me start again.”

      3) If you need some thinking time, or time when you’re not talking, finish what you’re saying as best you can and then ask the recruiter a question. This gives you a short break from talking, and can change the subject slightly. But this one means that you’ll have to speak and think ahead to ask a question at the end!

      I hope that helps! Let me know how your meeting went and what they asked you!

  16. Hi Chritina,

    thank you very much for your videos ! I like your youtube channel. My intreview is in 4 days, I am very stressed and afrroid to loose my english and not be able to speak the D-Day ! Something witch blocked me in an interview “why do you wake up each morning?” …

    Have a nice day.

    How to get the following videos ?

    thanks a lot


    1. Hi Marine,

      Thanks for our comment! For the following videos, you’ll get them in your email in the next day or 2.

      And you can also find some useful short videos on Speak English with Christina TV:

      It’s a playlist of videos about job interview questions & CVs in English. That should help you too!

      And if you’d like to book a coaching session with me to prepare your interview, let me know and I can try to make time for you in my schedule.

      You’ll feel more confident and prepared, as you can read in the comments by people who also prepared their interview with me, on this page that presents the full 3-hour program:

      Just contact me to let me know if you’d like me to coach you for your interview!

      All the best!

  17. Hi Christina. Thank you very much for this helpful video. I was having an interview last week, but unfortunately i was not good because i was nervous, and not prepared enough for it. So that is OK because I am sure that the best will come. Any way I would like to ask you if there is a link to download this video in my computer to be available to watch it anytime i want without internet. I will be grateful for your help. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Neven, I’m glad you like the video, and sorry to hear that your interview didn’t go well. But at least it’s a learning opportunity: It’s so important to prepare well! And like you said, the next one will be better and the best is yet to come!

      For these videos, there is no link to download the video, because they’re special bonuses that are only available for a limited time. But be sure to download the slides (directly on this page) and the transcript that goes with the video (in the email you received this morning). Those will help you be prepared for your next interview.

      Thanks and see you in the next Bonus lesson on Monday!

  18. Hi Christina,

    First of all, thanks a lot for your videos. They’re always really enjoyable and useful.

    Personally, I can’t remember right now a question that made me unconfortable during a job interview. But I do remember an article about what some important CEO’s like to ask during that kind of exercize, and If I had to answer to the following question, I really can’t figure out what would be correct : “are you the smartest person of all the people you know?”…It sounds like a really tricky question because I think that if you say “yes”, it might sounds like you’re showing off, and if you say “no”, maybe it could sounds like you’re not confident enough….

    Well, I’d really like to know your point of view about that. Thanks a lot, and have a good one.

    1. Hi Michael, Thanks for your compliments, and I’m glad that my lessons are useful AND enjoyable!

      You’re right, the question “Are you the smartest person of all the people you know?” is a trick question, for all the reasons you mentioned.

      If I got that question, I think spontaneously I would say something like

      “I think that there are some aspects where I’m smarter than most people I know. For example, I’m good at analyzing different concepts and making connections to arrive a solution. But I know there are also subjects where the people around me are much smarter, for example, manual projects. My colleague John is much stronger than me in this subject. But I think that in a good team, it’s important to have a variety of profiles that compliment each other, because no one can excel at all things, but each person can bring their strength to the team to make it stronger.”

      This way, you’re acknowledging your own strengths, but also those of others, and how they compliment each other. You’re showing that you’re also confident enough to admit where your weaknesses are, and how you compensate for them.

      Tough question though, because you immediately think you have to answer “yes” or “no”, but it’s more subtle than that.

      Great question! Thanks!

      1. Hi Christina,

        Thanks a lot for your answer 😉

        I will defintely keep that in mind!

        Have a nice day.


  19. Dear Christina,

    Hope you are doing great?

    Thank you very much for your lessons they are really fantastic. I have applied different position and different companies and I faced a lot of challenges due to my job Interview like when they ask me to introduce my self it takes to me a lot of time, I think to introduce your self is not a big deal but my problem is feeling fear and then I missed every opportunity. now I am applied another position and not yet short listed but I am expecting to call me for Interview so please advice me to make clear next job Interview.



    1. Hi Abdisalan,

      I’m doing great, indeed! Thanks for asking! How about you?

      I’m glad that you enjoyed this lesson and that it will help you in your future interviews. For the question about how to introduce yourself, watch your inbox the week of March 20th, because you’ll get access to the entire lesson from the Get The Job course in a special email that I’ll send!

      In the meantime, I recommend you watch this video: (It’s my most popular video of all, so I know it’ll help you learn to spend less time introducing yourself).

      As for the fear, that will decrease with good preparation. If you prepare correctly, and regularly, you can build your confidence. It’s normal to feel nervous before a job interview, but if you’re prepared, you’ll be confident about your abilities.

      When is your next job interview? I’d love to hear how it goes!

      All the best,


      1. Dear Christina,

        I am doing great.

        Thank you very much for your respond and the best way you directed me the video I have learnt how I can introduce my self in a short time.

        I am waiting to be call for Interview though I cant mention the exactly time.

        will share you in the comments when they give me a call.

        thank you Christina.

  20. Hello Christina,

    Thank you for your lessons. The most difficult question was : “Tell me how you make changes in your company ?” My job interview was not a success because of my lack of vocabulary.



    1. Hi Sandrine,

      That is a tough question if you’re not prepared! You could prepare for questions like that by brainstorming a list of all the accomplishments you’ve done in your company, and how it affected the way of working, the financial results, etc. It doesn’t have to be a major change, but even small actions can greatly improve something.

      For example, for me, I heard on a podcast some advice for managing your time: Make a spreadsheet and track how you spend your time at work (how much time on emails, on following up on clients, on administrative work, etc.) At the end of each week, analyze and see if you spent your time intelligently and improve next week.

      I made this small change to the way I worked and my productivity increased a LOT!

      So even small changes can lead to big results!

  21. Hi Christina,

    How to show your motivation after a call conversation and get after all face to face interviews as I have got on the whole 5 interviews to pass not just one ?

    Thanks for your help and your great videos

  22. Thanks Christina for this first lesson.

    I learned a lot listening to you.

    One time I had a bad time on a job interview because the first question I had to answer was: “so, why you ? What makes you better than others ? “and the person told me that with such self confidence and with a “no way you are getting the job” in the voice, that i was pertubed during the following. Of course I didn’t have the job.

    Thank you for your help

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