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Unlock your fluency and speaking confidence

Join our exclusive English Conversation Club and connect with professionals from around the world. Gain the confidence to speak English fluently and effectively in real-world situations. Our proven methods will have you speaking with ease in no time.

Is this you?

You’ve spent years learning English, but…

You want to become confident
actually speaking English.

Whether you want to use your English, find new clients, grow your business, work internationally, or get a better job. You know you “just need practice speaking.” But it’s not that easy.

If any of that sounds like you, I understand, and so does my team of Expert Coaches.

I created the English Conversation Club just for you
Because I know what you’re going through.

When I first moved to France, all those years of studying French and the weekly academic lessons did NOT prepare me for speaking French for business–or life.

I struggled until I enrolled in a conversation class and became confident speaking and practicing in real life.

My experience of becoming really fluent and confident made me passionate about language learning. So, I trained as a Neurolangage and business communication coach.

I started my own teaching business in France, which turned into an international team. We still communicate in English–and French.

I created the English Conversation Club for people who are feeling shy. For people who want to take their years of English learning–and actually start speaking English to real people in real life. 

So far, our English club conversations have helped over 450 professionals, business owners, and English learners worldwide.

How English Conversation Club makes you more Confident Speaking

Master English conversation, no matter how busy you are.

Don't let your busy work schedule hold you back from improving your English. With daily English club conversation sessions, you can fit language learning into your routine and experience newfound confidence and satisfaction in speaking English. Join the English Conversation Club today and unlock your full potential in conversations.

Join in global conversations.

Break down language barriers and unlock new opportunities with improved networking and conversation skills in English. Gain the confidence to understand international accents easily, allowing you to connect with professionals from around the world and thrive in global conversations. Experience personal satisfaction and a newfound sense of confidence as you navigate English fluently.

Speak English with confidence and without fear of judgment.

Learning a new language can be intimidating, especially when it comes to speaking and making mistakes. But in the English Conversation Club, you'll find a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can learn from your mistakes and ask questions without hesitation. Gain the confidence you need to speak English fluently and comfortably.

Member reviews

“I recommended the Fluency Club to my colleagues because it’s a great way to practice speaking English! It helped me have more confidence, new vocabulary, and to dare to talk. Now, I don’t feel so shy when I talk in English, and I do it more often. The Fluency Club was the start of a virtuous cycle for me, and I’m glad I joined.”

Louiza Amalou, Design Office Manager France

The English Conversation Club Method

Always have something to say in coffee machine conversations, with our topic of the week

Attend ANY English club conversation sessions you want. No need to reserve in advance. Just come to the session!

Understand native speakers in natural English conversations easily, with a transcript to support you

In the podcast transcript, we define new expressions so you increase your vocabulary each week

Always have interesting ideas to share by reading our articles on the week’s topic of discussion

Review what you learned in the session to consolidate and learn better

Experienced teachers who know what it’s like to live in other countries and cultures–and who are passionate about helping you go from learning English to actually speaking it in an international setting.

Our members are professionals from around the world, dedicated to improving their English, their conversation skills, and themselves. You’ll understand international accents more easily, so you navigate any international business conversation with confidence. 

English Conversation Club is a unique social learning experience with improvements that transfer to your personal and professional life.

What will you do when you feel more confident with your English?

“Last week, I participated in a seminar in English, and I had the confidence to speak! I still make mistakes, but I felt brave enough to try!”

Pascale Gendre, Hypnotherapist and Certified Coach, France

“I’m shy, so I was afraid to speak English with people I don’t know, but now, I’m much more confident! And when I mention this program in job interviews, the recruiters really appreciate what I’m doing to improve my English. If you’re doing job interviews, I definitely recommend you join this program.”

Stéphanie Noblet, Personal Assistant, France

Travel, try new things, and feel like a new person in English:

“I can travel to other countries, like Spain because I’m sure to find people who will speak English. I’m not afraid to travel where I want! And to watch movies without subtitles and this is important for me because I have to improve something in myself and to change my way of thinking. So FFCC helped me to overcome fears about improving myself, so I’m more confident to do things, like travel alone. To do things like learning to make jewelry. So something in my mind changed. I feel comfortable to do things I want to do. It’s not just improving English, to improve other aspects of life. It’s an impact in my whole life. To switch from one side to another.”

Rosine Amba, Pool Manager at United Nations Population Fund, Haiti

More than 450 people have joined the Club!
Discover the results of past members

Why continue to feel blocked in conversations?
Become fluent, confident, and connected with others

Enrollments open May 27-31 ONLY

Become confident
& comfortable speaking in conversations…

thanks to regular practice
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  • Unlimited access to as many conversation practice sessions as you want
  • Coach’s notes from each session

Have personal support
to unblock your biggest problems and errors…

thanks to private sessions
  • Everything in the PREMIUM PACK
  • 2 private sessions to book when you want each month
  • Personalized notes from your coach after each private session
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All packages are monthly subscriptions. You can easily cancel your package any time you want. No minimum commitment.

Get on the waitlist now, so you can grab your spot
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Membership includes

Club Leaders offer corrections & feedback in each session.
Each Leader has their own style & accent, so you learn better.

Linda Bassard

Certified in Marketing, Psychology and Sociology
Specialties: Finance, sales & marketing, insurance, intercultural communication Based in France - Languages: American English, French

Gabriella Jarratt

Certified in Computing and Teaching English as a Foreign Language Specialties: Information Technology Based in France - Languages: British English, Italian and French

Andrew Wickham round
Andrew Wickham

Certified in LAB Profiling®(Langage and Behavior), Intercultural Training, Neurolinguistic Programming
Specialities: Bids for tenders, business strategy, positioning, marketing, pedagogical engineering, prosody (intonation & accentuation)
Based in France - Languages: British English, French

Natalia Payne

Certified in Management Communication, Professional Writing/Journalism, Second Language Acquisition Methodology, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Leadership Skills for Team Leaders, Encouraging Growth & Progress in Employee Performance, Time Management
Specialties: Public speaking, professional writing, copyediting, intercultural communication, accent reduction
Based in USA - Languages: American English, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole

Christina Rebuffet

Is the founder of Business English with Christina and a certified Neurolanguage Coach.
She helps more than 500,000 professionals improve their English each week.
(From: USA (Mississippi), Based in: France)

Karyn McCrimmon

Certified in Business Administration, Psychological Counseling
Specialties: Human resources, recruitment, IT, American business culture, finance & accounting, psychology
Based in USA - Languages: American English

Sheila Gale

Certified in interpreter in the fields of medicine, law, and education
Specialities: Accent reduction, public speaking, meeting optimization, intercultural communication
Based in USA - Languages: American English, Portuguese, Cap Verde Creole, Haitian, French

Janeen Sonsie

Certified in mBit® (Multibraining Integration Techniques), Neurolinguistic Programming, Training & Assessment in Professional Settings (Level IV), Master in Business Marketing
Specialties: Sales & marketing, interpersonal communication in the workplace, public speaking
Based in France - Languages: Australian English

Matthew McNutt

Certified in IT, Business Administration & Management
Specialties : Management, In-company communication, customer service, data analysis
Based in Vietnam - Languages: American English, Japanese

Liam Jewitt

Certified in global development and environmental security Specialties: Presentation preparation, intercultural communication, economics, history, psychology Based in Vietnam - Languages: English and French

Margaux Decottignies

Certified in english literature and civilisation ; Specialities: in professional training and tutoring ; transports and logistics ; social sectors. Based in France - Languages: American English and French

When are the conversation sessions?

There are 7 sessions every week. Session duration: 1 hour. 

You can join ANY sessions.
(Most participants attend 1-3 sessions each week. No pressure to attend all sessions!

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In 2023, I increased the number of sessions, but I haven't increased the price. Now's the time to join!

Where do we meet?

Online, on Zoom. Before each session, you receive a link to connect to the session.

How many people are in each session?

You will be with 1-2 conversation partners for 90% of each session. Maximum speaking time! 

What level do i need?

Pre-intermediate or Intermediate (B1 or B2) level of English. This club is not for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have questions about the English Conversation Club

Please contact Lyndsie Hogan, our Director of Client Relations at: lyndsie@christinarebuffet.com