"use it or lose it", that's what we always say!

Now, what’s the next step, so you don’t lose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

We have a selection of special “Use It or Lose It” packages, exclusively for the “alumni” of our programs!


In the past, our students often asked “What can I do to continue improving? Or at least to not lose my progress?” 

Great question! The response is “Continue learning!”

When we accompany you on the next steps in your learning journey, you’re more likely to: 
  • make time to practice regularly
  • continue improving & growing
  • reach your next goals, in English & in your work! 

Minimum Maintenance

Continue practicing & networking in our Faster Fluency Conversation Club! 

On-Demand Coaching

Get coaching support just when you need it, so you can do the job with confidence & ease! 

On-Demand Feedback

Submit your written work to our team and receive feedback within 3 working days.

Continuous coaching

A personal coach to push you to reach goals you never thought possible. 


Before, I didn’t get any contracts with American clients, because I was over-preparing for meetings, and I realized that I wasn’t communicating the right way. But since I did this program, I’ve gotten 3 contracts with clients in the US. Clearly this program has changed my business, my confidence, and my bottom line!

Sophie P

Clinical Operations Consultant, 


I was looking for new opportunities and I wanted it to be in an international context. Before this program, no companies offered me a job, because of English. But after, I got many interviews, and this program helped me get the confidence and the skills I needed to get the job I wanted. This experience was magic, and your team has all my gratitude!

Jean-Thierry L

Regional Director, 


I felt insecure about my level before because I was doing silly grammar mistakes, and felt shame around that. Now, I can connect with people in English like I do in Swedish. This will allow me to work from anywhere, with anyone. My next goal is to do a podcast in English and interview Americans!

Frederik L

Senior Management Consultant, 


“When I joined the course, I wanted to be able to express myself more at work, because I felt embarrassed about my English. I learned more vocabulary, improved my pronunciation, and my confidence. Now,I feel better in calls, I find my words more easily and I can speak better. This program is well-organized, and makes it feel easy to practice every day.”

Paula L.

Health economist, 


We've loved working with you!

…and it will be an honor to continue!
Our team is here, to support & guide you in your next steps!

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Karyn McCrimmon
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Matthew McNutt
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