Odette T.

I joined this program because lacked practice speaking English, so I didn’t feel fluent. And English is important for my personal life, and for my career. So I knew it was time to do something. Now, I’m less blocked. I can speak much more. And I’m not afraid of making mistakes. I’m not totally bilingual, […]

Melamine D.

I felt horrible about my English before I started. For example, before a presentation, I spent a lot of time preparing, rehearsing, and learning by heart. And if a colleague asked a question, I got destabilized. Now, I feel really comfortable to manage my teams in Asia & USA. I have a lot of vocabulary […]

Angela L.

It was a real pleasure to improve my English with Christina’s team. It felt “easy” to do English, and the courses are easy-going, relaxed, and I felt good about myself learning English.  Before, I was shy and intimidated. Now, I’m not! I had 2 job interviews in English during my course, and after each one […]

Christophe C.

I needed to be more confident in my English. So I took some individual lessons and conversation sessions with Christina’s program. My American coach helped me to better understand the US culture and to improve my professional communication in English. We worked on speaking, writing and listening aspects. With the conversation sessions, I had the […]

Dominique B.

In the program Speak Business English Confidently, I got a lot of vocabulary around very specific topics related to my work, and the coach also helped me think about my business too. It was more than “just” English lessons! I appreciated that aspect a lot. Christina and her team are very “human”. They follow you […]

Jacques G.

I recently finished Speak Business English Confidently, and it was very good. In the private lessons,  the Coach corrected my mistakes. I  feel confident and I feel my improvement. You can’t point out your own mistakes alone, so with a good Coach, it’s fun and more efficient. And we can talk about everything we need: […]

Sébastien S.

Before taking Christina’s program, I was incapable of starting a conversation in English. Today, I like speaking English — I have so much more vocabulary after my hours of coaching and am not scared. You’ll see that during the sessions, time flies because you’re having fun (and learning!)

Jessica R.

I would definitely recommend Speak English with Christina because the mix of learning formats is a great way to learn easily. I feel more confident when I have to talk with colleagues in English. I’m not afraid to try, and I no longer worry about my level!

Valdemar B.

This is the perfect program for me because I realized I CAN speak Business English confidently. This program helped me see that it really is possible for me to communicate with other English speakers with more ease. Before I joined, I was afraid that I could not follow the group conversation practice, but in fact, […]