After I started the lessons, I saw an immediate difference in the way I talked about my profile & experience. It helped me structure my answers and go straight to the point. The first interview I did after the course, I got the job!


Christina’s lessons in the Get The Job course are so well structured that I even used the advice to improve my interview in French! The day of my interview, I felt very confident and answered the questions easily. Result? I got the job!


I want to thank you for all your help, because your program worked! I got the job, and in September, with my husband and baby, I’m moving from France to Austin, Texas to start a new job. It’s my dream to go to the USA, and your course helped me do it!


My 2nd interview was all in English, but I felt prepared and confident after “Get The Job.” The recruiter asked all the same questions that are in your course. Your videos really helped me prepare. I’ll start my new job with a Brazilian company in 2 weeks! Thank you Christina!