Before I found this course, I watched a lot of videos to try to learn English. It was slow and inefficient. This course is the framework I was missing! Now, I always have ideas about small talk conversations. And I’m able to start a discussion easily. Plus, I can return any time I want to […]


Small talk was always my problem. I’m quite shy. This program helped me improve conversation skills in English and my native language. The tips and study materials were so amusing and useful! I’m very busy with my company, but with this course, it was easy to find motivation… and time!


I got this course because I didn’t have confidence when speaking English. I learned useful everyday dialogues, got more vocabulary, and more confident. Now I’m going for it! I dare to try in conversations, and I’m not afraid to make mistakes. This is confidence!


I wanted to improve my English globally. I felt stuck and embarrassed, and in conversations, I was uncomfortable. After this course, I feel less frustrated, not blocked. This course was so useful and I want more lessons like this!


Before, I had difficulties making conversation on everyday subjects with colleagues. But this course helped me a lot, even in my native language Spanish. And I got new personal opportunities because I developed relationships, thanks to small talk!


I wanted to feel more confident and less frustrated in English. Before, I didn’t make small talk. I was too afraid. With Christina’s course, I learned more vocabulary, conversation strategies, and cultural differences. I’m more confident now! The human aspect of the course is a real plus!