After I finished the program, I felt much more confident and legitimate. The feedback of the teachers is so encouraging. I stopped feeling guilty about my English!

Justine T.

I learned to create my English routines, and this changed my behavior. Now, I’m comfortable speaking and writing with my colleagues in English, and I have a routine I can keep!

Neil U.

This is really customized coaching. I was able to work on things I wanted, to improve the way I needed. And it’s step by step, so I made progress easily!

Dmitry K.

Now, I can use a lot of native-speaker expressions, and my speech is more natural. I hesitate less. And I’m not afraid to make mistakes. I’m proud to be a role model for my daughter!

Isabelle B.

I realized I don’t have to be perfect to be fluent. This realization was very liberating, because now, I don’t block when I make mistakes. This program is like a cocoon, you are in our lives for 3 months!

Nilgun C.

I recently moved to the USA and had problems communicating. Thanks to this program, I’m more confident. It’s easier to understand in group conversations, and to become friends with colleagues.

Romina R.

I needed to improve English for my work. Before, I was very scared about speaking. But now, if I have to make a phone call in English, I know I can do it. This program was a real turning point for me!

Sébastien B.

Socializing is important in my work, so my target was to be more confident talking about business and personal topics in English. I was shy, but now I like talking in English! It’s fantastic for me!

Benny O.

I quickly realized that this program works! It made me face different situations and improve different aspects of English useful for my work. It prepares you for real life, real situations, and I’m more confident.

Johanna M.

Now, I dare more. I ask more questions in meetings. Even if I’m not perfect, I know I can do it, and I feel more confident for the future. There’s definitely a “before” and “after” for me.”