Successful Small Talk

For Busy Professionals Who Need to Be Better at Conversations in English

A step-by-step online English course that teaches you to feel comfortable making small talk conversations, in just 20 minutes per day

Successful Small Talk

For Busy Professionals Who Need to Be Better at Conversations in English

A step-by-step online English course that teaches you to feel comfortable making small talk conversations, in just 20 minutes per day

Become Better at Small Talk, Even If...'re busy with work and family life're busy with work and family life

Click Here feel shy when you speak English feel shy when you speak English

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From my experience learning French, I know that it’s not easy to make small talk in a different language. 

From my training as a Neurolanguage® Coach, I know how to make it easier for you. How to:

  • learn vocabulary for many different topics
  • have confidence to start conversations
  • be sure to use the right words, expressions, and tenses

You’ll find all this (and MUCH more) in my course “Successful Small Talk”.

It’s designed to be compatible with your busy schedule.

Each lesson guides you step by step, to build your vocabulary, expressions, and confidence progressively.

Feel Confident & Know What to Say
in Small Talk Conversations

"Successful Small Talk": The Most Specialized Course For Becoming Comfortable Making Small Talk in English

Learn English + Conversation Techniques + Cultural Differences

Each lesson also has vocabulary, grammar, and speaking practice
You will speak English easily, fluidly, & correctly
Does This Course REALLY work?
"This course works. I feel much more comfortable
with English conversations now."
Here are the results from students just like you, who completed this course:
I wanted to have more confidence and reduce my frustrations when speaking English. Before, I didn’t really try to make small talk. I was too afraid. With Christina’s course, I learned more vocabulary, conversation strategies, and cultural differences. I’m a lot more confident now, and the human aspect of the course is a real plus!
Marketing manager in Pontcharra, France
Christina's Successful Small Talk videos are very pedagogical, and based on real situations, that you can use in real life. Christina's teaching is clear and funny, and makes it motivating to learn. I really appreciated the intercultural lessons on the USA and France. This course is a real pleasure.
Jobseeker, France
I wanted to improve my English to talk with American, English, Indian, and Italian colleagues. I couldn’t really make small talk before. The videos of the course helped me learn a lot of vocabulary and now, I can talk about many different subjects! Je voulais améliorer mon anglais pour parler avec mes collègues anglais, américains, indiens, italiens...Je n’arrivais pas vraiment à faire du small talk. Les vidéos du Successful Small Talk Course m’ont aidé à assimiler beaucoup de vocabulaire et maintenant je peux parler de beaucoup de sujets.
Financial Monitoring Officer, Luxembourg
“I love the audio & videos! It’s very easy to work through and I learned a lot of vocabulary, and in doing just the 1st lesson, I realized that I’ve never had a real conversation with someone in English. I just said basic things before!”
Jessica R.
Social media strategist, France (after doing just the 1st lesson)
Before, my small talk was not fluid. I wasn’t comfortable in conversations. Successful Small Talk is full of positive energy, and I learned a lot of vocabulary and ideas for keeping a conversation going. I feel much more comfortable with English conversations now.
Commerical business analyst in Divonne-les-Bain, France
I often have to go on business trips with my foreign colleagues. I need a lot of vocabulary to have conversations with them! I had individual coaching with Christina, so I knew the high quality of her work. In the Successful Small Talk course, I felt the same high quality, personal touch, and motivational lessons that we had in our individual sessions.
Financial controller in Rotterdam, Netherlands
I wanted to really learn to speak English and improve my global level. For this, Successful Small Talk is a very complete course that’s fun to do. The good humor makes you want to revise the lessons! I’ll definitely be more comfortable next time I welcome a visitor from a different country.
Engineer in Verrières le Buisson, France
The Business English Special Interest Group (part of the International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) recognized this course as an Innovation in Business English!

The David Riley Awars for innovation in Business English and ESP

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In business and personal life, we feel good when we can connect with others.

How do we connect with others? Through conversations!

In English, and American culture especially, your conversation skills are a major factor in your professional success.

We prefer to work with people we connect with. Building good relationships is an investment in your career advancement. 

And believe it or not, all of that starts with simple small talk conversations.

Hi, I'm Christina Rebuffet-Broadus.

I’m a certified and accredited Neurolanguage Coach who specializes in English as a second language and an expert in American culture and business communication.

I have taught business English since 2004, so I know the problems that busy professionals face when they want to learn English.

In 2015, I created Speak English with Christina help smart professionals become better speaking English for their work and life.

I have gotten results for 1,000s of professionals. Now it’s your turn.

Master all the essential situations for great conversations in professional situations
Each lesson = one specific subject, for professional and personal small talk conversations

A step-by-step structure that makes it feel easy to become better at small talk conversations in English

Audio dialogue

Improve your comprehension of real spoken English and hear the expressions in context.


See exactly what the speakers say, so you understand everything.

Video lesson

Expressions, grammar, nuances, conversation techniques and cultural differences.


Become more precise & correct using the expressions, grammar, and techniques

Conversation practice

Develop your reflexes and stop hesitating when you practice with my interactive video


Be sure that you are learning correctly, thanks to corrections for ALL exercises.

It takes only 20 minutes to complete one activity.
Even if you are very busy, you can improve your English conversation skills with my course. Step by step.

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This course is for pre-intermediate to advanced learners.
Here’s how Successful Small Talk helps each level:

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Questions students
ask before joining the course

It’s ok. You have access to the course for life. You do the lessons at your rhythm. Join now and begin working on the lessons when you’re ready.

I’m sure that you can find 20 minutes in your day to do the activities. Before work, at your lunch break, in the evening… This course is designed to be compatible with your busy life.

The best way to be sure is to test a lesson from the course. Click here to test a lesson. The course is for pre-intermediate to advanced students.

Yes, the videos are in English, with subtitles in English. 

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Ready to become
more fluent in everyday conversations?

Successful Small Talk
Online course

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Successful Small Talk
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In just 3 months, you can have everyday conversations in English without feeling blocked. Or you can do nothing and continue to feel frustrated with conversations in English.

I don’t want you to feel frustrated. Speaking English should be a source of pleasure!

You don’t have to speak perfect English. Even I don’t speak perfect English all the time!
But with more vocabulary, effective techniques, and more confidence, you can speak fluent English to enjoy having conversations and making connections.

You can do this, but you have to take the 1st step.

Need help? Got a question?

Me and my team are here to help you!