On-Demand English Support Session

Do you want some personal help from one of the FFCC teachers? 

Maybe you want expert feedback on a few slides for a meeting. Or a teacher to correct your pronunciation. Or you need to check if your explanation is clear, concise, and correct…

Sometimes, a little extra support gives you a big confidence boost. 

That’s why we created our On-Demand English Support. 

The concept is simple: 

  1. You pay for a single 30-minute session. 
  2. You will get access to the calendars of Janeen Karyn,  Linda, Andrew and Sheila
  3. You book your session with the teacher of your choice, at the time of your choice. These sessions are 30 minutes long.
  4. You’ll get a confirmation email, with the Zoom link for your session! 
  5. You meet with your teacher for some quick, on-demand help

It’s that simple! 

This is an exclusive service, available only to FFCC members, for the special price of 39 euros for 100% personalized attention for YOU & your questions.