You're taking the 5-Day Challenge!

You’ve decided to challenge yourself to join me live for 5 days to level up your English skills! Good for you! 

This challenge will help you create an effective routine to practice your English. 
You’re going to learn new strategies that really work. 

All of the tips in the 5-day challenge are designed by Christina Rebuffet, a Neurolanguage and Business Coach.  Your one goal during this challenge is this:

Learn about these strategies. And put at least one strategy into practice immediately.

That’s your first step. It’s something you CAN do.

And once you do, I know you’ll take many more steps toward your English goals. And this time, they’ll be effective smart strategies–that work.

Put these habits in place and they’ll add up. So that one day you’ll…

Be ready for that new job. 

Feel credible at work. 

Stop feeling the ‘impostor syndrome’ you feel when you can’t quite do a good enough job in English. 

You deserve it!

Schedule for the May 2023 Challenge

I send you a reminder each day with a preview of the day’s topic and the link to join. This way, it’s easy for you to join me each day!

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