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Faster Fluency Conversation Club – join now


When you practice speaking English regularly, you become more comfortable, more confident, AND more fluent.
In Faster Fluency Conversation Club, you're able to practice your conversation skills every day!

Faster Fluency Conversation Club increases your vocabulary, fluency, conversation skills, and confidence.

New vocabulary, grammar, listening, and pronunciation exercises each week
Question & Answer sessions with Christina, to ask any question you have about English
A conversation theme, and 5 group conversation practice sessions each week

Today, you search for your words.
You translate in your head when you speak English.

It's frustrating!

Faster Fluency Conversation Club eliminates your frustration
You become more fluent and more confident speaking English.
You connect with people from other cultures & countries.
You feel good speaking English, after just a few sessions!

Join the club Today!

Each month, you get:

20 group conversation sessions
(1 hour)

Weekly grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation exercises

30-40 digital vocabulary cards

Notes after each session, prepared by the teacher

4 podcast episodes + transcripts

2 Question & Answer sessions with Christina

only 49€
per month

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Over 400 people around the world have already participated!
Meeting members in other countries is one of the best aspects of the Club!

Before I joined, I wasn’t sure to have enough time to take advantage of the program. Even with the sessions I attended, it made me more confident in face to face conversations in English. I really appreciated the teachers’ corrections and tips, and I feel more fluent now.

Jose M.

Company Owner & Manager, 


I’m shy, so I was afraid to speak English with people I don’t know, but now, I’m much more confident! And when I mention this program in job interviews, the recruiters really appreciate what I’m doing to improve my English. If you’re doing job interviews, I definitely recommend you join this program.

Stéphanie N.

Personal Assistant, 


This program showed me that I’m not alone in my situation with English. That’s important, because we all have the same goal: to improve our English. It was amazing to have this experience and know others from different countries and share our goal to improve. I recommend this program!

Ana R.

Business Manager, 


This program definitely gave me more confidence speaking English. I got more vocabulary and I practiced speaking with people from around the world, and that helps me in my professional life, where I work with different nationalities in English.

Assane T.



I’m not used to online courses, so I was hesitant to join. But I see now it’s a great experience if you want to improve, because you talk with people from different countries, but also a teacher corrects you. I realized I have a good level of English, and that it is important to practice regularly to keep it!

Youssra M.



I didn’t have any hesitations before to join. I watched some of your videos, and the everyday & business themes, the rhythm of explanation, the positive attitude… it all helped me understand that it was the right way for me. And I loved to talk with different people from different countries to understand different accents!

Lorenzo C.

Company Owner, 


I’m really not good at small talk in English, and the Fluency Club helped me have good topics and expressions for everyday conversations in English. I was afraid my English level was not good enough, but it’s fine. Other students want to learn too, and we all share the same difficulties and hesitations. But the teacher’s help, and the students’ motivation makes it a good way to improve your fluency.

Akihito T.



It was my first small talk program with Christina to get a better fluency and it was a great experience. The program is very well designed and powerful. It has been helping me to switch on my fluency. I met great people close to my level and the group energy helped me a lot. I definitely recommend it: see you there!

Maxence M.

President of AgilityBox, 


What members say about the Club

A qualified teacher leads each session.
The teacher helps you & corrects your mistakes.

Trisha Traughber

Trisha loves helping people  become more comfortable speaking & writing in English. Trisha comes from Southern California, USA. She now lives in France.

Matthew McNutt

Matthew has taught a variety of levels of English and makes sure to give students lots of speaking time. Matthew comes from New York, USA. He now lives in Vietnam.

Kristina King

Kristina specializes in business topics and helps you express yourself freely in English. She is from Virginia, USA and lives there today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the conversation sessions?

There is a session every day of the week. You can join any sessions.
Most participants attend 1-3 sessions each week.


Online, on Zoom. Before each session, you receive a link to connect to the session.


You will be with 1-2 other people in your conversation group. 


Pre-intermediate (B1) or Intermediate (B2) level of English. 

Yes, the teacher listens to part of your conversation, and corrects some of your mistakes.

It is absolutely okay to practice with non-native speakers. We also encourage you to attend at least one session per week. Our members have said that 1-2 sessions a week at least has been most beneficial, but you can attend as many as you’d like.

A good internet connection and earphones. (And a positive attitude!)

You can attend as many as you’d like to per week (there are 6 total, see below for the schedule.) We encourage you to attend at least one session per week.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.

Yes, you can join from your computer, tablet or phone. 

We create programs strictly for adults – we do not permit students under the age of 18 to be a part of our community as our content on occasion, covers adult themes and includes adult language.

Great value for your money

If you’re busy & can attend just 4 sessions each month, the Club is a great value!

You get weekly practice, corrections from a teacher, friendship in the global community PLUS all the resources!

If you’re a champion & can attend 8 sessions each month, it’s excellent value! 

That’s around 6€ per session of conversation practice, with guidance from the best teachers on the internet! 

If you are a super dedicated learner and attend all 20 sessions each month… WOW!!

That’s around 2.45€ per session, in addition to ALL of the resources, friendship, and teacher support. It’s crazy value! 

Christina's Confident Guarantee
I am 100% sure that you will improve your English with Speak Business English Confidently

You can try the program for 2 weeks. 
If you have tried 2 sessions, and feel like the program is not right for you, we will refund the cost.

If you have questions about the Fluency Club, please contact Lyndsie, our Client Support Specialist at: